The Cause of Gravity Solved Dansk

A simple law of nature reveals the cause behind all of these mysteries:


  • Gravity

  • Creation of galaxies immediately after the Big Bang

  • Gases amassing to become solar systems

  • The creation of the astronomic objects

  • Why matter is pulling together

  • The Pioneer Anomaly

  • Dark matter

  • Dark energy

  • Lightning

  • Tornadoes

  • Magnetism

  • Strange air pockets

  • The Eye of a Hurricane

  • Magnetic Field of the Sun

  • Motion of the tectonic plates

  • The mysterious ring around a magnetar.

  • Why the moon is moving away from Earth.

  • Irregular Moons and Retrograde planet rotation

  • The shocking new data discovered by XMM Newton

  • Quantum Physics

  • and much more...


To fully understand this theory it is recommended that you read the chapters in the order they are presented.

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